Next-Gen Audi A8 To Have Advanced Collision Avoidance Tech With Backup System

Audi is working on an advanced collision avoidance system to be introduced in the next-generation A8 full-size sedan that will be able to swerve to avoid a collision in addition to brake. According to Automotive News, the new system will also have backup system in case of failure, ensuring the active safety system can always be relied upon.

The necessary equipment for the collision avoidance system, including cameras and sensors, will be joined by a “tablet-sized computer,” AN says, which will house a Mobileye EyeQ3 processor and Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. The Mobileye chip will analyze images from the camera for obstacles in front of the vehicle, while the Nvidia unit will analyze obstacles surrounding the car.

In case those systems fail, radar, cameras, lidar and ultrasound will also be installed on the cars as a backup. Bosch, Continental and Valeo will supply the sensors to Audi, AN reports, while Delphi will put the whole package together.

Audi’s new autonomous vehicle technology, which it has dubbed zFAS, won’t turn the A8 into a full self-driving car just yet, however an Audi spokesperson says the tech is a “real big step,” for the automaker.

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