Volkswagen Approves Beetle R-Line And Beetle Convertible Denim For Production

Volkswagen board member responsible for development, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, has confirmed that the Beetle Convertible Denim Concept and the Beetle R-Line Concept are headed for production. The two Beetles were part of the four Beetle concepts that Volkswagen showed off at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in April.

The Beetle R-Line Concept features a very aggressive body kit that was inspired by the Global Rallycross Beetle R-Line.

Meanwhile, the Beetle Denim Concept is all about the fashion flair inspired by jeans.

Meanwhile, Unfortunately, the other two Beetle concepts unveiled in New York — the Beetle Pink Color Edition and the Beetle Convertible Wave — are strictly for show… at least for the time being. Alas, the Beetle Denim and Beetle R-Line will also be joined by the Beetle Dune in VW showrooms. Volkswagen showed off the Beetle Dune in concept form in early 2014 and approved it for production shortly after.

We’ll have to wait and see whether a fresh injection of two new variants to the Volkswagen Beetle lineup will help the model’s US sales.  And we certainly hope that they do, because we really want to see VW keep the Beetle around.

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