Yahoo! Autos: The One Where Ezra Dyer Drives A Porsche 911 By Singer

There’s so much to love about any classic, vintage car being reimagined and reborn as a thoroughly contemporary bit of machinery, à la the Eagle Speedster Jaguar E-Type doppelgänger, the Revology “1966 continuation” Mustang, or this: the Porsche 911 by Singer.

(Note: Please refrain from calling it anything but the “Porsche 911 by Singer,” or if you’ve no fear of further expounding, “the Porsche 911 as reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design,” lest Porsche’s legal team be forced to jump down your throat. -Ed.)

Well-known Automotive Journalist Ezra Dyer recently wrote a piece for Yahoo! Autos describing the experience of driving the Porsche 911 by Singer, which is essentially a Type-964 generation 911 with throwback (read: classic) carbon fiber bodywork, and a bored-out, Cosworth-tuned powerplant. In the case of this example, named “Virginia” after its delivery destination, the stock 3.6-liter flat-6 has grown to displace a total 3.8 liters, and fiddled with to make 360 HP.

Each Porsche 911 by Singer is built to order by Singer Vehicle Design, the brainchild of former Catherine Wheel singer Rob Dickinson – hence the name “Singer.” The cost of such a special car? This “Virginia” example driven by Mr. Dyer has a price tag just under $500,000.

But just look at what you get for all that: classic Type-911 looks, Fuchs (presumably replica) wheels, flame-retardant quilted leather in the engine bay, an absolutely anal-retentive attention to detail, and the power-to-weight ratio of a Type-997 GT3. The Porsche 911 by Singer isn’t just a Type-964 in retro clothes, nor is it a mere tuner car; it’s what the classic Type-911 should look and perform like were it still produced today.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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