2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Hot Or Not?

All automakers must place an emphasis on design, as that’s the first thing a customer will notice about any new car. This is especially true for Italian brands such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, whose names illicit visions of beautifully sculpted sheet metal penned by legendary Italian designers such as Ghia, Gandini and Pininfarina in the minds of most.

Customers expect a lot from Italian brands in the way of design, so does Alfa Romeo’s latest model, the Giulia, satisfy their demands? If you ask us, the Giulia, like the mid-engine 4C, is one of the strongest modern day designs from Alfa Romeo. Thanks to the presence of its signature ‘trefoil’ grille, the Giulia is instantly recognizable as an Alfa, and its simplistic lines and perfect proportions leave little to complain about.

The automaker says the Giulia “expresses three quintessential features of Italian design: sense of proportions, simplicity and high quality surface finish.” Designers worked to make the car’s body as clean and simple as possible, an approach which “permeates the entire history of Alfa Romeo expressed by means of clean, taut lines.”

We’re all for the Giulia’s clean, unmistakably Italian design and can’t wait to see the car on U.S. roads, adding some variety to the endless and boring stream of grey BMWs and Audis. Let us know if you agree by voting Hot or Not below, and feel free to discuss the Giulia’s design in the comments.


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