2016 Ford Focus RS Prepares For Goodwood Festival Of Speed Debut: Video

Last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford had a Gran Turismo 6 player race up the hill at Lord March’s estate in the virtual game while a racing driver took the car up the actual hill for real, timing each participant’s runs. That fun game, in which the actual car won, was part of the launch of the new Focus ST. Now, the Blue Oval is returning to West Sussex to promote the Focus once more, this time the 315 horsepower RS version.

To help publicize the 2016 Focus RS and its impending appearance at Goodwood, Ford has released a video of the car doing a few quick hot laps at its test track in Belgium. The car’s all-wheel drive system appears to have no qualms about keeping it drifting sideways and its exhaust sounds especially raspy here, both features which should make for some entertained crowds at Goodwood.

Check out the video below and be sure to tune into the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend by checking the various live updates available here.

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