Audi Driving Hipsters Will Love These Audi Branded Tom’s

Attention all Toms-wearing Audi lovers and Audi-driving Tom’s lovers, your favorite automaker has partnered up with your favorite philanthropic shoe company to offer all who purchase a new or Certified pre-owned Audi a free set of limited-edition Toms.

The offer, which includes one set of limited-edition Toms Alpargata shoes in either Adult or children’s sizes, is available from from June 3 through August 4, 2015. While the majority of automotive-branded apparel is a bit tacky, the Audi Toms are pretty tasteful and subtly branded.

As per Toms procedure, the shoe company has also partnered with Audi to go forward with its One for One program, with plans to hand out 55,000 shoes to underprivileged children over the course of the summer.

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