Breathtaking Mercedes 190E Evolution 2 Commands Shocking Sticker Price: eBay Find

The Mercedes-Benz 190E AMG never gained a strong cult following quite like the E30 BMW M3 did, however the 190 Evolution, built as a direct competitor to the uprated M3 Evolution, certainly has. The 190 Evolution was built in extremely limited numbers and never sold in the USA, but Florida-based shop Dragint recently acquired one and put it up for sale on eBay, making it available to those diehard American Mercedes customers who are in-the-know about this car’s provenance.

Like so many other sedans from that era, the 190 Evolution was smart and handsome looking, yet also outwardly sporty. Built as a homologation special so Mercedes could take the car racing in DTM, the 190 Evolution had a modified chassis, tuned aerodynamics, and a little extra power from its 2.5-liter 16-valve four-cylinder. The widebody kit was formed in the wind tunnel and also came with an adjustable front splitter, adjustable rear deck lid extension spoiler and an adjustable rear wing.

The bodykit wasn’t the only thing that made it clear the 190 Evolution was the result of motorsports pedigree. As made somewhat famous by Top Gear’s James May, the transmission layout was of the ‘dogleg’ sort, meaning first gear was towards you and backward rather than towards you and forward. This puts second and third gear in a uniform line, which is ideal for racing.

This particular 190 Evolution is #146 of 500 produced and has been “impeccably loved and maintained throughout its life,” according to the listing. We sure hope so, because the dealer is selling it at a shocking value of $700,000. As much as we love this vintage DTM racer, it simply isn’t worth that much, with other examples of the car selling for under $200,000.

If the price was more reasonable, we have a feeling this timeless classic would have no problem finding a new home. Check out the listing here for additional information and photos.

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