Bugatti Type 13 Brescia Survivor Fetches Nearly $1M At Auction

A rare Bugatti Type 13 Brescia has sold for nearly triple experts’ estimates at Artcurial’s recent ‘Automobiles on the Fields’auction in Paris, pulling in 834,400 euros ($934,986). According to Classic Driver, the head auctioneer was taking different bids ‘thick and fast’ before prices rose to the final figure, representing the current and rapidly growing demand for vintage Bugattis.

The car, a true survivor which has remained in one family’s possession since 1953, is chassis number 2628. It’s just one of 12 of its kind remaining, and in un-touched yet well preserved form, an extremely desirable proposition for collectors. Artcurial said the “elegance and originality of this car is sure to attract fans,” in a pre-auction release, but little did they know it would spark such an intense bidding war.

It might look like a dusty, unkempt jalopy on the outside, but don’t be fooled, this Type 13 is now one of the more valuable classic cars roaming the earth, and its value is only going up. Now in the hands of a wealthy and enthusiastic owner, it’s probably headed for a restoration, followed by lifetime in concours events and on car transporters.

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