Every Ferrari Fan Needs Lego’s New Ferrari F40 Creator Kit

We’re big fans of many Ferrari models, including the F40, and looking back at all the hours we spent sticking plastic bricks together as kids, we’d have to say we’re quite fond of Lego, too. So when we saw two of our favorite companies had joined forces to bring a Lego Creator Ferrari F40 to market, our day was made.

As with Lego’s other car-themed Creator kits, the Lego F40 replica is entirely true to the original car. Lego says they worked closely with Ferrari to ensure all the details on the model were correct, and from what we can see in the short presentation video below, they got everything spot on. There’s triple exhausts, pop-up headlamps and even a removable 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

Lego says the kit consists of 1,158 pieces, which includes several pieces exclusive to the F40 model such as the windscreen, wheel covers and lights. When you get all the pieces together, the scale model will measure 10 inches in length and will be 5 inches wide and 3 inches high. It’s also just $89.99, which is much cheaper than an example of the insanely valuable F40 would run you.

The Lego Creator Ferrari F40 will hit shelves this August. See you in line then?

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