Fiat To Keep Model Lineup Small With Focus On 500 And Upcoming Roadster

Fiat will keep its product portfolio in the U.S. small, focusing its attention on the 500 family of cars and its upcoming 124 roadster, Automotive News reports.

Brand chief for Fiat, Olivier Francois, says the automaker has built “good brand equity,” in the united states with its style-focused 500 city cars. If they were to expand the portfolio in the U.S. with cars from its European lineup, like the Panda, for example, it may ruin the cache the brand has established since its return to the U.S.

Despite its desire to keep its portfolio small, Fiat will go ahead with plans to produce the new Miata-based 124 two-seat roadster. The model will make its debut sometime next year, possibly at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. A facelifted and updated version of the current 500 will also be unveiled by the company on June 4 in Turin.

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