Ford Motor Company Addressing Younger Drivers’ Concerns With Assists

America’s younger generations have a strange set of priorities.

We know this because, according to a survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company and conducted by independent research company Penn Schoen Berland, the danger of other drivers on the road fills Generations Y and Z with more dread than public speaking, death, or spiders. Ford Motor Company claims that for decades, public speaking was number one on the list.

Why It Matters

Earlier in the week, Ford Motor Company announced that it would migrate its suite of driver assist technologies across its product line-up over the next five years, and younger buyers tend to embrace tech-savvy features like these much more than previous generations. Says Penn Schoen Berland Vice President Kevin Shkolnik: “Younger drivers are worried about distracted drivers, but they think technology isn’t just the problem, it’s also the solution, as we are seeing growing demand for driver-assistance technologies.”

In other words, the survey’s findings are very validating for Ford Motor Company’s tech-loaded, semi-autonomous strategy.

So what are some of the most anxiety-inducing situations encountered on the road, according to our two youngest generations of drivers?

  • Snowy or icy roads (79 percent)
  • Maneuvering into a tight parking spot (75 percent)
  • Backing out onto a busy street (74 percent)
  • Monitoring blind spots (70 percent)
  • Not knowing where I’m going (69 percent)

Ford Millenials survey infographic

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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