Giugiaro Designed Crossover Is A Very Early Draft Of The Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF was a step in a different direction for the prancing horse. The automaker had never produced an all-wheel drive shooting brake style car, but before the Pininfarina design we know and love today was finalized, the automaker toyed with a crossover-esque design from Giugiaro.

Italian motoring site Motori Corriere dug up these photos showing an early concept of the F151, Ferrari’s codename for the FF. Compared to the production version of the four-seat hatchback Ferrari, the Giugiaro design is a bit shorter in length and rides higher, making it appear more crossover-like. It’s also sharper and more angular than the FF, which is no surprise if your familiar with Giugiaro’s other designs.

The Giugiaro study was eventually scrapped and the concept stripped of its Cavalino badges and sold to a private collector. Ferrari opted for a more run-of-the-mill Pininfarina design loosely based on the design firm’s Sintesi hatchback show car, but it’s always interesting to see what could have been.

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