Here’s What We Know About The Upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLC

The all-new, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class crossover will be unveiled in just a few hours on June 17th. Before Mercedes tells us all about it, we put our heads together to see what we knew about the new compact-luxury CUV.

So, the Mercedes-Benz GLC Crossover will:

  • Replace the GLK-Class, thereby aligning the GLC with the C-Class lineup
  • Share Mercedes-Benz’s new corporate vehicle architecture while being closely related to the all-new C-Class
  • “Retain its predecessor’s outstanding off-road characteristics” while combining them with an all-new design
  • Introduce a multi-chamber air suspension called Air Body Control, which will be unique to the segment
  • Continue to feature the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system
  • Be 19 percent more fuel efficient than the GLK it replaces
  • Offer a range of gasoline and diesel engines, including turbo fours and sixes
  • Possibly offer a high-performance AMG variant
  • Have a more expensive and coupe-like sibling in the GLC Coupe

Stay tuned to Motrolix as the brand with the silver star unveils the GLC in the hours ahead.

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