Mercedes-Benz Takes ‘Never Say Never’ Stance On Convertible SUVs

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to the drop-top SUV. As Australia’s points out, the automaker made the G-Class cabriolet for over 34 years before discontinuing it over production and volume issues, and it may be set for a return to the ultra-niche segment if the market demand is there.

The SUV and crossover segment is growing rapidly all around the world, and Mercedes is adjusting their product portfolio to reflect this. It already has strong entries in the way of the GLA, GLE and recently introduced GLC, but with brand SUV sales up 30 percent recently, there’s probably room for me.

While more SUVs are certainly on Mercedes mind, a convertible isn’t of utmost importance. Mercedes vice president of sports cars and SUVs, Wolf-Dieter Kurz, told CarAdvice to “never say never,” and that they look at “every opportunity,” for expansion. He pointed out that convertibles are obviously a “very slime niche in terms of the SUV portfolio,” which could only be offset if high demand were to come from large markets like China.

“China is not very good these days, or in total, in terms of convertibles, in terms of classical sedan-based coupes, in terms of roadsters. And it’s somewhat also the driving force in the meanwhile for the overall portfolio: can it be successful in China?”

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