Red Bull Says Possibility Of Producing Road Car ‘Hasn’t Been Ruled Out’

Formula 1’s Red Bull Racing hasn’t ruled out the possibility of producing a road car with help from its automotive partners, team boss Christian Horner told Autocar in a recent interview.

According to Horner, renowned F1 technical officer Adrian Newey is interested in doing a road car “as a legacy project.” The idea first came to light in 2013 when the team alluded at using its technical know how outside of F1, and Newey also confirmed the project to British media, disclosing they were searching for partners for the project.

The most likely automotive brand to help Red Bull out with building a car would be Infiniti, one of the team’s main sponsors. Infiniti turned to the team for help when developing the Q50 Eau Rouge concept, and it also offers some of its expertise on the brand’s road cars.

“Our relationship with Infiniti has bought us into an automotive sector and we now have involvement in areas where we haven’t been involved as a technology business,” Horner told Autocar. “The DNA of what we’re doing will start to be felt in future Infiniti products.”

Horner added the team is focused on its F1 ventures for now, especially amid a season where the team is struggling in comparison to years prior, but is still focused on road cars.

“At the moment our focus is on being a Formula 1 constructor, but as we see more technology cross over with the road car market, it’s something that will organically grow.”

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