Torino Design Pulls Wraps Off Radical ‘Wildtwelve’ Concept Supercar

You may have never heard of Italian design firm Torino Design before, but the company has some seriously ambitious plans considering they are still relatively unknown. They’ve dreamt up a new V12 supercar appropriately named the Wildtwelve, and it recently made its first in-person appearance at the Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio in Turin.

The concept brought out to the show in Turin was a design study and presumably can’t move under its own power, but if Torino design can get the Wildtwelve project off the ground, it will have a rather innovative powerplant. A 3.8-liter V12 is said to power the rear wheels, sending drive through a nine-speed automatic transmission. If that didn’t already sound complicated enough, a pair of electric motors will be mounted at the front wheels, making the Wildtwleve an 800 horsepower all-wheel drive hybrid.

While opinions will vary from person to person, we quite like the way the Wildtwelve looks. It’s refreshingly subdued compared to many other supercars on sale today, and while the front end is a bit fussy, the rear, with its center mount exhaust and thin taillights, is well executed to say the least. All those panels you see are made from carbon fiber, too, contributing to the Wiltwelve’s low 3,146 lb curb weight.

Unfortunately, it seems almost certain the Wildtwelve is destined to become vaporware. We can’t see a small company like Torino Design getting the financial backing to produce a hybrid supercar with a small displacement naturally aspirated V12, but we’d have absolutely no qualms about seeing it go to a few lucky customers.

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