$1.5M Aston Martin DB5 Crashed Near Manchester Airport: Video

If you think you’re having a bad day, this might make you feel a bit better by comparison. A British man was driving his $1.5M Aston Martin DB5 near Manchester Airport with his 4-year old son in the passenger seat when he was involved in an accident with Vauxhall Astra, completely destroying the classic sportscar’s front end.

Not much is known about the crash, however both father and son suffered minor injuries, according to the UK’s Mirror, and we’re taken to a nearby hospital. The Aston Martin suffered significantly more damage, but considering its value and importance in the collector car world, it will likely be repaired.

“It was a silver DB5 just like Daniel Craig in Skyfall,” a motorist who passed by the crash told Mirror. “It was propped up near the lamp post near the traffic lights.”

The DB5 is known around the world as James bond’s ride of choice, and was first featured in the 1964 film Goldfinger with Sean Connery. An example used in filming for both the Goldfinger and Thunderball movies was sold at auction in 2010 for 2,600,000 pounds (over $4,000,000).

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