Alleged 600 HP, AWD Jaguar F-Type SVR Spied Incognito

Plenty of us, upon seeing the original Jaguar F-Type coupe and convertible for the very first time, ascertained with 100% certainty that we had seen the very epitome of the British automaker’s midterm capabilities.

Plenty of us were right – at least, in a sense. The Jaguar F-Type range remains the quintessential contemporary British sportscar, but it’s also set to become bigger and better than ever before, thanks to Jaguar Land Rover’s “Special Vehicle Operations” division.

According to the UK’s CAR magazine, the SVO skunkworks team is hard at work developing the so-called “Jaguar F-Type SVR,” which will bring AWD and up to 600 HP to the already-superb sportscar. That may seem strange – the prospect of another AWD sports coupe from an historic English marque – but as CAR points out, Jaguar doesn’t have a factory motorsport program to keep the automaker bound to an arguably more “pure” RWD layout.

Furthermore, as we’ve seen from the Jaguar F-Type, XKR-S GT, etc., today’s most power-packed Jags especially have a tendency toward wanting to do serious bodily harm to their drivers. With the power bump expected in this new Jaguar F-Type “SVR,” we dare say that the added stability of AWD is a welcome attribute.

At any rate, spy photographers have now managed to capture both the convertible and coupe versions of the forthcoming Jaguar F-Type SVR on camera; head on over to the CAR magazine website to view the latest gallery.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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