BMW M2 Interior Spied, Confirms Dual-Clutch Transmission

It’s been some time since the BMW M3 has really felt like the BMW M3. Even amongst the offerings from BMW’s venerated performance brand, the march toward bloated, technology-laden heft has been inexorable, and many fans of the marque have had to turn elsewhere.

Enter the forthcoming BMW M2 model, which builds upon the holistic sensibilities of the excellent M235i model by heading even further in the performance-over-civility direction.

The BMW M2 has yet to show its face to an eager enthusiast community, but recently, a spy photographer managed to capture the bare interior of the new performance car in Hong Kong. You can find that photo – and a spirited discussion about its implications – over at the forum.

At the very least, the photograph confirms to us that the BMW M2 will be offered with an honest-to-goodness dual-clutch transmission, in-place of the 8-speed torque-converter auto in the M235i. It’s expected to pair with a modified version of the same turbocharged N55 inline-6 as found in that car which, in its current form, produces about 320 HP.

None of us can turn back the clock and undo the past; the M3 is now what it is, and the time to grieve has passed. Happily, though, the forthcoming BMW M2 looks poised to carry the torch.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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