Integrated Engineering Offering Big Turbo Kit For MK6 Golf R

With 266 horsepower from the factory, the MK6 Golf R is no slouch. However the hot hatch arena has been heating up recently, with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and even Ford offering compact cars with near or above 350 horsepower. If you’re in an MK6 Golf R, you’re now outgunned, but Integrated Engineering thinks they have the perfect thing to make the VW competitive once again.

The Utah-based tuner has rolled out its new big turbo kit for the MK6 Golf R, which “not only significantly increases the power output of the vehicle, but also greatly enhances the driving experience,” according to the company. The Borg Warner 6758 turbo used in their system works toward reducing turbo lag while offering “OEM reliability,” and plenty of additional power.

According to dyno charts on Integrated Engineering’s website, their ‘IE450T’ big turbo kit pushes flywheel horsepower toward the 450 horsepower mark on stock internals and 91 octane and will make 450 wheel horsepower if they engine is built and is running 100 octane. That will make the Golf R faster than many sportscars, and at $7,000 US for the kit, it would also be much cheaper.

Check out the video below for a customer reaction to the IE450T big turbo kit, and take a look at Integrated Engineering’s website for more information on the system.

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