Lincoln Highlights New Revel Audio Systems Available In 2016 MKX

Lincoln today is highlighting the new high-end audio system available in the 2016 Lincoln MKX. The system delivers a “listening experience comparable to what’s offered only through very high-end home audio systems,” the automaker says, and is specially designed to “re-create a musical performance as precisely and purely as it was recorded.”

The system, which is produced by Revel, features 13 speakers, however an upgraded 19-speaker Revel Ultima system is also available for the true audiophile. It uses several brand-specific technologies including ‘Revel Wavegudies’, circular rims on the speaker which optimize high frequency dispersion, and precise speaker placement for optimal midrange and high-frequency reproduction.

“The Revel audio system available in the all-new Lincoln MKX represents a new approach to ensure all occupants – not just the driver – enjoy the best listening experience,” said Revel product development manager Kevin Voecks. “Over the course of three years and hundreds of hours of tuning and refining, our collaboration with Lincoln has created the most authentic audio experience possible.”

Another Revel-exclusive audio feature on the Lincoln MKX is the QuantumLogic Surround system. The system is controlled from the car’s touch screen and allows users to pick from a traditional stereo mode, an ‘On-Stage’ mode giving them a 360 degree listening experience and an audience mode which makes the boundaries of the vehicle “seemingly disappear.”

In addition to these features, the 19-speaker Revel Ultima system also offers Clari-Fi, a patented technology which rebuilds small audio details that are lost during the digital compression process. This allows for an enhanced listening experience whether the audio files are played through your phone, iPod, the radio or another medium.

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