McLaren P1 GTR Squares Off With Bell Cobra TAH-1F Attack Helicopter: Video

Top Gear as the world knows it may be over, but Top Gear Magazine is still running strong, getting up to similar automotive-related antics as Jeremy, James and Richard once did.

In their latest issue, Speed Week, the Top Gear Mag guys pull off a head-to-head comparison that we could see Clarkson himself undertaking. Not only does it involve an exquisite example of British automotive engineering – a McLaren P1 GTR – it also incorporates a Bell TAH-1F attack helicopter, a military machine that history buff Clarkson surely knows a thing or two about.

TG’s Speed Week consisted of the magazine staff bringing 19 of the fastest cars on sale today out to the Red Bull Ring in Austria for a few adrenaline-packed days. The highlight of the week, however, was the race between the heli and the P1 GTR. Bruno Senna climbed behind the wheel of the McLaren, while a man named ‘Blacky’ Schwarz piloted the TAH-1F. The goal was simple: lap the legendary Red Bull Ring as fast you can.

So who won this battle of speed and agility? As if we’d ruin it for you. You need to watch the video over on to find out.

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