Mercedes-Benz AMG To Deliver At Least One Hybrid Model By 2020

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed its AMG performance line of vehicles will utilize a hybrid powertrain by the year 2020 to provide an increase in both efficiency and performance amid strict emissions standards.

Head of Research and Development at Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Weber, told Autocar making fuel efficiency gains is important for AMG, however they aren’t offering such gasoline-electric performance models at this time since the demand is too low.

“Every car line has to reduce fuel consumption — even AMG,” Weber said. “No one part of our business can be carried on the back of another. It’s a huge task to reduce AMG fuel consumption but we’ve realised that it’s also a huge opportunity.”

“We haven’t done it so far, because right now the customer wouldn’t buy it.”

While hybrid performance cars are in the near distance for AMG, they would likely be a mild hybrid with a regenerative braking system.

“A simple e-boost solution could help us to add power and regenerate energy by braking,” Weber told Autocar. “It also has the advantage of already being in large-volume production (on Mercedes Bluetec hybrid cars). The system has to be light and cheap.”

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