New Aventador SV Based Lamborghini To Be Shown In Private At Pebble Beach

A new highly exclusive Lamborghini model will be shown in private at next month’s Pebble Beach Concours, Motor Trend reports. The model is said to carry with it a seven-figure pricetag and will be built in extremely limited numbers, similar to other limited edition Lambos like the Reventón and Veneno.

The new model will be based on the Aventador SV LP750-4 and will have about 800 horsepower, as opposed to 741 in the SV. It will also be lighter and have “even better aero” than the SV, Motor Trend says. Just 20 coupe and 10 roadster variants will be built, which is a lower production number than the Reventón but higher than the Veneno.

We probably won’t get a glimpse of this new mystery Lambo until the Frankfurt Motor Show rolls around in September. It’s not hard to imagine what they may have cooked up, though, as Lambo’s limited-run models are usually a bit on the wild side as far as styling goes.

Photo via Damian Morys on Flickr!

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