TVR Already Taking Deposits On Unknown New Model

You may have heard that storied British sportscar manufacturer TVR is making a triumphant comeback thanks to help from Gordon Murray and Cosworth, however we’re willing to be few thought it’s revival would be so sudden. A press release from the reinvigorated automaker confirms it’s already taking deposits and down payments from customers to reserve future cars, a move they say is “a direct reaction to the incredible public response,” they received following the announcement of their return.

The company is currently taking down payment of £5,000 ($7,800 USD) from all interested parties, with details and specifications on the car they are purchasing to be revealed at a later date. Additionally, TVR Car Club members will get a discount on the deposit in celebration of their 50th anniversary, only having to pay £2,500 (~$3,900) to reserve the all-new TVR model.

“We’ve been totally blown away by the reaction to the new car,” TVR Operations Director John Savey said in a statement. “Our phone lines and online enquiry system went into meltdown when the news was announced, and we decided that we must begin to bring a structure to the enquiries and build a delivery pipeline well in advance of production. Volumes in year one will be limited as we ramp up production, so this allows us to reward those individuals prepared to make a financial commitment at this early stage.”

TVR says it is currently working on establishing its UK network of TVR Heritage and TVR Performance partners and also seeking out new partners for both roles. This is in addition to its first model since 2006, which will likely be delivered from the factory early on until a dealer network can be established.

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