Feature Spotlight: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum’s 500W Sony Audio System

The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum was introduced ahead of its September on-sale date this week. One of the features offered in the Explorer Platinum not seen in standard versions of the full-size crossover is its 500-watt Sony audio system, which Ford says will provide a listening experience previously reserved to home audio systems.

The 500-watt audio system uses Sony’s new Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technologies to deliver a “realistic concert-quality sound.” Clear Phase optimizes the sound stage inside the Explorer Platinum to make it sound as though the music is coming from a stage larger than the car itself. It does this by placing certain instruments in their correct spot in relation to other instruments to ensure certain sounds aren’t drowned out, just as real musicians would at a concert hall.

Sony engineers travelled to famous concert halls in Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin when developing the Explorer’s audio system. They installed microphones at each of the venues, helping them to learn and then mimic the halls’ acoustic qualities. After more than 100 hours spent tuning the system’s 12-speakers, engineers finally reached an algorithm that they say accurately replicates a concert hall experience.

“This technology was previously available only in our high-end home audio systems,” said Sony sound engineer Goro Shiraishi-san. “We’ve now applied the algorithm of Live Acoustics to Ford Explorer Platinum’s audio system to transform the listening experience to be among the finest in the world.”

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