High Performance Ferrari F12 Variant Spied In Maranello

Ferrari’s having some trouble keeping the hardcore, high performance version of its F12 two-seat GT a secret, it would seem. First the V12 performance car was leaked through apparent customer car configurator images, and now, it’s been caught by a photographer’s lens hanging out at the automaker’s Maranello, Italy-based factory.

It’s still not clear if the high performance F12 will be called the F12 Speciale, F12 GTO, or something else entirely, but we do know what it’s all about. The limited-run model will be powered by the same 6.3-liter V12 as the standard car, however power is expected to rise by 30 horsepower to 760. At the same time, Ferrari is thought to have shaved about 440 pounds of excess weight from the 4003 lb GT car.

As for the spy photo above, it appears to be of the same model we saw in the leaked car configurator images. We see hints of the one-off F12 SP America in the car, but the carbon fiber ‘aero bridge’ side elements, trio of rear quarter panel vents, the different rear diffuser and the black bar running between the tail lights set the unnamed high performance F12 apart.

We’ll have all the official details on the highly anticipated F12 Speciale, or F12 GTO, or F12 Versione Speciale, when the model makes its debut, which could come as early as the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Photo via Cavalino Rampante on Facebook.

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