Honda Evaluating Acura NSX GT3 Or GTE For 2017 Season

Honda Performance Development is currently evaluating whether a GT3 or GTE platform is appropriate for the incoming racing version of the Acura NSX supercar, Sportscar365 reports.

The car, which is slated to make its racing debut in 2017, may replace the all-wheel drive Acura TLX-GT that currently races in the Pirelli World Challenge. The racing series is switching to FIA approved GT3 cars for 2016, however HPD vice president and Chief Operating Officer Steve Eriksen admitted to Sportscar365 converting the NSX to GT3 spec would be difficult.

“We’re looking at our options and one of them is to go two-wheel drive,” Eriksen said. “It’s just how big of a tear up is it? You could disconnect your front-wheel drive but is that really going to make a good race car?

“That’s the question we’re looking at right now. We need it to be competitive because otherwise, why be there?”

The NSX will probably be without its hybrid system in race trim as neither series or teams are ready for the added complication that comes with such a setup, Eriksen said. There’s also the question of staying with series regulations, though no decision on a potential race series has been made.

“Certainly America is likely to be the biggest market for the (NSX), so it makes sense to race it here,” Eriksen said.

“We’re still trying to understand what specific series suits us best. Based on the rules, we have to work backwards to see how much time

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