Lincoln Previews New 30-Way Adjustable Electric Seats For 2017 Continental

Lincoln today is previewing the 30-way electrically adjustable seats that were first seen in the Continental Concept at the New York International Auto Show. The seats “go beyond the one-size-fits-all,” design of conventional seats, Lincoln says, allowing customers to tailor the level of support to their liking.

There are currently 50 patent disclosures related to Lincoln’s 30-way seats in the United States, and an additional 100 are disclosed or under review. This includes the ‘flexible comfort carrier’, a plastic and foam ‘suspension system’ that flexes around the body to take stress off the shoulders and neck.

Supporting the lower half of the body are two extending thigh cushions, one for each leg, that are separately adjustable. The cushions can be moved forward and aft, and can also be raised and lowered for absolute support. This is an additional to multiple adjustments for the track, recline, headrest, upper and lower bolster supports, the lumbar and more.

In addition to being all but infinitely adjustable, Lincoln’s 30-way seats are also heated and air conditioned and come with a massage function. Lincoln claims its ‘rolling pattern’ massage function is “designed to help reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated in the legs and lower back.”

While Lincoln’s 30-way seats have only been so far shown in concept form, the Continental is a strong hint at what to expect from the automaker in the future. As such, the seats will likely debut in the 2017 Continental before finding their way to other nameplates in the marque’s portfolio.

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