Lotus Exige 360 Cup Debuts With 10HP Bump Over Standard Exige

Almost every product from Lotus is for the no-frills car enthusiast whose willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a raw, visceral and connected driving experience. The new Exige 360 Cup is no exception, offering a more hardcore, motorsports-inspired driving experience than the standard Exige V6 Cup on which it’s based.

The biggest change Lotus made in moving to the Exige 360 Cup has happened under the hood. Thanks to a high flow induction system and a sports exhaust, the supercharged 3.5-liter V6 now produces 355 horsepower, ten more than the standard car. There’s also a new aerodynamically optimized front splitter, rear diffuser and wing, which together produce 42 kg (92 lbs) of downforce at 100 mph, Lotus says.

From a cosmetic standpoint, the Exige 360 Cup is set apart from the Exige Cup by a new lightweight front access panel, a different rear tailgate and a louvered engine panel. There’s also unique grooved brake discs for improved braking performance, Motorsport Red wheels and specially embroidered seats.

Optional extras include red Alcantara interior pieces, adjustable anti-roll bars, Öhlins dampers, a fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off system, FIA-spec carbon fiber race seats, air conditioning and a removable steering wheel. Prices in the UK start at £62,995 including tax and just 50 examples will be produced.

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