Nurburgring To Lift Speed Limits, Make Track Improvements In 2016

The Nürburgring has plans to lift the speed limits currently on the Nordschleife and make safety improvements to the circuit for the 2016 racing season. Speed limits for racecars were introduced on the track earlier this year following a fatal Nissan GT-R GT3 crash that claimed the life of a spectator, and were later extended to include cars participating in industry tests and touristenfahrten events.

In addition to removing the speed limits for good, the Nürburgring will repave the track at the notorious Flugplatz section. In a prepared statement, the track said they “will renew the track surface in the Flugplatz section over a length of about 500 metres, smoothing out five bumps which are the result of years of high utilisation and heavy use of the Nordschleife.”

On top of the repaving, additional safety measures will also be implemented. Safety fences will be added to several track sections and the Schwedenkreuz will now be a restricted zone for spectators. More guardrails and FIA safety fences will also be installed where they are needed.

The Nürburgring has submitted a portfolio detailing the changes to the German motor sport association DMSB, which will be forwarded to the Circuit Commission of the International Automobile Federation FIA for review and approval.

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