Production Brake-By-Wire Systems For Cars On The Horizon, Brembo Says

Dan Sandberg, president and CEO of Brembo North America, knows a thing or two about brakes. He recently stopped by Autoline After Hours studios to talk about everything braking, and that included the future of bringing automobiles to a halt.

As far as Brembo is concerned, the future of braking is all about brake-by-wire systems. Sandberg says brake-by-wire systems will “definitely,” reach the market in the next 10 years and similar systems have already been implemented with electronic parking brakes. Brembo’s history is also rooted in racing, and considering Formula 1 cars use brake-by-wire systems, the company believes such systems are appropriate for road use.

So what’s the advantage of brake-by-wire systems? Well, apart from ridding the car of the hydraulic braking system, brake-by-wire will allow for adjustable brake pedal feel. For example, a sportier brake setting may have more initial bite, while a more relaxed brake setting may provide softer and squishier brake application.

We’re only scratching the surface when it comes to brake-by-wire systems, so be sure to listen to Sandberg’s thoughts the upcoming tech in the video below. The entire video is chalk full of information, but if you want to jump right to the brake-by-wire talk, skip to 13:00.

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