See The 2017 Ford GT’s Active Rear Spoiler In Action In Forza Motorsport 6: Video

One aspect of the 2017 Ford GT that seem to get overlooked are its active aerodynamics. Active aero is the hot new thing for high-end supercars, with the Pagani Huayra and Bugatti Veyron both being notable examples of such technology, and based on Forza Motorsport 6 footage, you can add the Ford GT to that list too.

Perhaps the Ford GT’s active aero got overlooked because the automaker never went into great detail about it. In a press release for the car Ford mentioned a ‘deployable rear spoiler’ was present, but provided no further details. Based on the gameplay, the spoiler is rather large and will deploy at speeds above 60 mph and will also tilt forward under braking to help slow the car, similar to the Veyron.

Check out the video of the GT’s active aerodynamics in action below. We know it’s only video game footage, but it may be the best look we can get at the GT until cars begin to find their way into customer hands next year.

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