Vandals Damage, Steal Trucks At Ford Dearborn Assembly Plant

Automotive dealers frequently have to deal with vandals and thieves breaking into their lots and stealing parts off of cars, but recently in Dearborn, Ford themselves were subject to such behavior.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, vandals broke into a storage lot at Ford’s Dearborn Assembly Plant and stole one F-150 while also badly damaging several others. The incident has left business owners in the area, including a nearby automotive dealer, are worried their storefronts will suffer a similar fate.

“Over the weekend, several Ford trucks were tampered with at a logistics supplier adjacent to Dearborn Truck Plant,” Ford said in a statement. “Ford works closely with our suppliers regarding our stringent facility safety and security procedures. We also fully cooperated with the City of Dearborn’s investigation.”

Dearborn police have already arrested several suspects in the case, though others are still believed to be at large. Just another day in the Motor City, we suppose.

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