2016 Ford GT Production Run Limited To 200 Units, U.S. To Only Receive 100 Units

We didn’t expect the Ford GT to be abundant nor cheap, but a new report from Autoweek indicates the turbocharged V6 supercar will be even more exclusive than we ever thought, with just a 200 unit production run planned for the first model year.

Making the new GT even more rare in the eyes of American consumers will be the fact that just 100 units will be allocated for North America. A few of those are bound to end up in Canada, too, so it’s likely that less than 100 GTs will exist in America initially.

Even though it has a rumored price tag of $400,000, demand for the GT is expected to well exceed supply. Much like Ferrari does for its flagship models, Ford is expecting customers to apply to buy the car to help weed out some of the less deserving customers.

The remaining 100 GTs that aren’t sold in America will be shipped off to various foreign markets. Around 20 GTs have been reserved for the UK, with other European markets, the Middle East and elsewhere receiving approximately 10 GTs each.

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