BMW CEO Harald Krueger Faints During Presentation At Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW CEO Harald Krueger made his first appearance as the head of the Bavairan automaker at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, however things went awry when the 49-year old fainted during a press conference presentation.

Krueger was 5-minutes into a product presentation and discussing the automaker’s i8 hybrid sportscar when he fainted and fell on his back. Two assistants helped him up to his feet and escorted him off the stage as members of the audience, many of whom were members of the press, looked on.

A BMW spokesperson told the Financial Times Krueger had been travelling a lot lately and was feeling under the weather prior to the presentation, but decided to go on with it anyways. After seeing a doctor, BMW said he is “stable” and “recovering well.”

Check it out in the video above.

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