Catch An Uber Ride In A Star Wars Stormtrooper Themed Dodge Charger In NYC Today

Not long ago it was reported that Fiat-Chrysler had aligned itself with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a new marketing campaign. We we’re curious as to how FCA and Lucasfilm would tie cars and Star Wars together, and after seeing what they’ve done, we have to say we’re pretty impressed.

If you’re in NYC today and use Uber (as so many New Yorkers often do) you just may be able to catch a ride in a special Stormtrooper themed Dodge Charger. The cars are done up in white and black Stormtrooper theme and are designed to look like the helmet of the modern day Stormtroopers seen in the Star Wars: Force Awakens trailers and promotional images.

The Chargers are also modeled after the Hot Wheels Star Wars Stromtrooper character car, which is part of an all-new set of Star Wars themed 1:64 scale models.

So rather than the usual black Chevrolet Suburban or anonymous Japanese economy car, why not try to find a Star Wars Dodge Charger Uber today?

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