Community Question: Does The Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Change Your Perception Of VW?

Last week it was revealed Volkswagen skirted U.S. emissions laws by fitting its 2.0-liter diesel powered passenger cars with a ‘defeat device’. The resulting backlash was expectedly huge, with the US launching a criminal investigation into the matter and VW shares dropping nearly 20% Monday.

VW could face up to $18 billion in fines for their actions, which the White House said it was “quite concerned,” by. That’s just one major problem that’s come as a result of the controversy. The automaker’s reputation in North America and in its home market of Europe is now in jeopardy, and it’s also put the reputation of diesel cars into question.

Our question for you is has the VW diesel scandal, also known as ‘Dieselgate’, affected your perception of the brand? Let us know by voting or commenting below.

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