E34 BMW M5 Embarasses Bugatti Veyron In A Drag Race: Video

The Bugatti Veyron is the undisputed king of straight line, flat out speed, right? Well, there’s a few aftermarket tuned machines out there that have humbled the mighty Veyron in a drag race, but this tuned E34 BMW M5 from Sweden is one piece of Veyron-bait we’ve never seen before.

Other than giving it a huge dose of boost, we’re not sure what the owner of this possessed M5 has done to his car, but it’s fast. Actually, fast is an understatement. A Bugatti Veyron is fast; a car that makes it look as though a Veyron is slow in comparison is best described by a series of words not appropriate for this space.

Making the whole situation better is the Veyron owner’s reaction to the tuned M5 easily walking away from his seven-figure hypercar. He finds it hilarious, and is probably more entertained by the surprising loss than he would be if he had won the race.

So, with all that said, watch as a ratty old M5 claws at the pavement searching for traction and leaves one of the world’s fastest road-going cars in its dust in the video above.

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