Ferrari Has No Qualms About Supplying Red Bull With Engines, Team Boss Says

Red Bull Racing is currently on the market for a new engine supplier after becoming dissatisfied with their ailing Renault powerplant, and Ferrari is more than happy to fill the role.

Speaking to, Ferrari team principle Maurizio Arrivabene said the team would have no qualms about supplying RBR with engines going forward. RBR was previously in talks with Mercedes to receive engines, however the team rejected the deal as it was worried a competitive team like RBR may become too strong with their engines.

“In theory they [Red Bull] have big names, with [Adrian] Newey as chief designer and it is easy to think that if you give them the engine they will build a scary chassis, which means they will be really competitive,” Arrivabene said.

“Concerning my team, my engineers and aerodynamicists know their own jobs,” he added. “For that reason I don’t have a problem, and competition is nice when you have a stronger competitor.”

Arrivabene also added that denying a team of their engines on the grounds that they may be too competitive is not in line with Ferrari’s competitive spirit.

“But I don’t see any kind of problem to give our engine to any other team or be scared of the competition before they start,” he said.”This is not the right spirit of competition or what Ferrari represents. We fight with everybody.”

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