Greenpeace VW Star Wars Ad From 2011 Now More Relevant Than Ever: Video

A few years ago, Volkswagen released a cute Star Wars themed Superbowl ad featuring a child dressed as Darth Vader trying to use the “force” to move, open or turn on various objects – including what was then the new Passat. Greenpeace later used the spot as the basis of their own ad demonizing the company for opposing more strict emissions standards, but it didn’t get much attention.

Now, in the wake of VW’s diesel emissions scandal, that Star Wars themed Greenpeace ad is more relevant than ever. Featuring a kid dressed up like Darth Vader who tries to destroy the world with a VW-branded Death Star, it does a good job of painting VW in a negative light while also asking Greenpeace members and other supporters of environmental projects to take a stand against VW.

The appeal to stand up to VW is probably a little unnecessary now, as it seems the world is against them following the admission that it rigged emissions tests in the United States. With the company and its ousted CEO now under investigation and facing billions of dollars in fines, we’re sure Greenpeace is happy to see VW get what’s coming to them, even if they aren’t the only automaker guilty of such conduct.

In 2011 the Greenpeace Star Wars spot seemed a bit over the top considering all VW did was oppose more strict emissions laws, but now, it seems perfectly appropriate. Check it out just above.

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