Guy Crashes Taking Selfie While Driving, Reminds Us All To Keep Our Eyes On The Road: Video

When you’re driving, you should only be doing one thing: driving. You probably don’t need us to tell you that, but if the guy in the video above had a friend to remind him of that fact, his windshield may be in one piece and he may have a bit more dignity left.

As so many GoPro owners do, this guy decided he wanted to utilize the stick that comes with the camera to film him self. That’s fine, but it becomes really not fine when you pull it out to film yourself while driving. He wasn’t on public roads, thankfully, but he still managed to get into a crash.

Driving just ahead of our short-sighted protagonist in his Jeep is his friend, who’s transporting a shiny green canoe. Distracted by his video, Mr. GoPro videographer doesn’t realize his canoe enthusiast friend has come to a complete stop and rear ends him. The canoe crushes, breaks the Jeep’s windshield and puts an unfortunate end to what appeared to be a nice day filled with various outdoor lifestyle type activities.

It’s good this little bout of distracted driving only resulted in a couple hundred dollars of damage and a humorous situation, because it could have easily ended up much worse for everyone involved. Distracted driving: it could cost you your canoe, and even your life.

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