Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Coming, Will Be Made In Toledo, OH

The product that Jeep fans have long suspected to be on the horizon is finally coming. According to a new report from Automotive News, a Jeep Wrangler Pickup will join the next-generation SUV Wrangler in 2017 or 2018 and will be built alongside the Wrangler at Jeep’s Toldeo, OH assembly plant.

A Wrangler pickup is said to be currently under development, however little else is known at this time. Because it will share a platform with the all-new Wrangler, it will likely fall in the mid-size segment and compete in the same arena as the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

With Wrangler production staying in Toledo, Jeep must move production of the Cherokee to a different state. However the addition of the pickup to the Toledo assembly line should ensure jobs are not lost at the plant once the Cherokee is made elsewhere.

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