Man Goes For Reckless, Tire Smoking Joyride On Public Streets In LaFerrari: Video

Cars like the LaFerrari put dangerous amounts of power at the disposal of the driver’s right foot, and in the hands of the wrong person, that power can quickly become too much to handle.

It’s only a matter of time before this LaFerrari owner, said to be Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad, a member of the Al-Thani Qatar royal family, runs out of talent and kills himself or somebody else in his near-1000 horsepower hypercar. He was recently caught on video going for an insane joyride with a Porsche 911 GT3 in Beverly Hills, blowing stop signs and at one point even hitting another car.

In the video, the LaFerrari is seen pulling out of the owner’s driveway and almost immediately it bottoms out, the front defiler scraping off the ground. The owner then stops, does a hard launch and smokes the tires before the GT3 follows him down the road at an equally rapid pace. The LaFerrari is then seen blowing a stop sign and clipping a Nissan with its wide wing mirrors before taking off down the road.

We’re not really sure what this owner was thinking. He clearly sees the cameras, so he’s not worried about being charged for his blatant violations, and he appears to have no regard for his rare Ferrari either. Most importantly, he has no regard for human life, endangering himself and the bystanders watching his immature antics.

So if you ever needed confirmation that most men you see in brightly colored supercars are indeed as immature and juvenile as their ride of choice would suggest, just watch the video above.

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