No, The Beverly Hills LaFerrari Owner Doesn’t Have Diplomatic Immunity

Earlier this week, the Qatari LaFerrari owner seen on video racing through a Beverly Hills suburb in the yellow hypercar claimed he couldn’t be held liable as he has diplomatic immunity. That’s not true, the Beverly Hills police told Jalopnik, and now the individual is nowhere to be found.

The rather strange saga started when the LaFerrari and a Porsche 911 GT3 were seen on video speeding through a Beverly Hills neighborhood as children and concerned bystanders watched on. The video quickly went viral, and a police investigation was launched into the matter.

The owner is believed to have fled the area, with police saying the rented house the owner retreated back to in the video has been cleared out. Even if he was still around, he likely couldn’t be prosecuted as they do not know for sure who was driving.

Will the unnamed Ferrari driver be found? If so, will he be prosecuted? Stay tuned for updates.

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