Owner Of 2011 Lotus T128 Formula 1 Car Lists It For Sale On Craigslist Like Its No Big Deal

Craigslist is an interest space on the World Wide Web. You can find basically anything for sale on the classifieds site, not to mention the various – ahem, services being offered, but we never suspected an ex-Formula 1 car would pop up for sale on it.

This 2011 Lotus T128 Formula 1 car with the body from a 2013 Caterham Formula 1 car is currently for sale on Craigslist in Nashville, of all places. In 2011 the T128 was powered by a Renault RS27-2011 2.4-liter V8, however in 2010 Lotus used a Cosworth-developed 2.4-liter V8. Today, the car has neither of those power plants and sits engine-less.

While this T128 doesn’t come with an engine, it does feature Lotus’ carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque, full carbon fiber front and rear suspension and the proper Pirelli tires with BBS wheels. It’s also just $95,000, a low sum that’s really unsurprising, considering this is more of a
cobbled together show car based on what was once an unsuccessful racecar rather than a real F1 car.

If you have nearly $100,000 burning a whole in your pocket and are looking for something cool to compliment your man cave or basement bar, check out the listing over on Craigslist Nashville.

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