Owner Of LaFerrari Seen Speeding Through Beverly Hills Claims ‘Diplomatic Immunity’

The owner of a LaFerrari seen speeding through a residential Beverly Hills neighborhood in a video that has now gone viral has said he is protected from being charged for the crimes under ‘diplomatic immunity’ laws.

In the video, the LaFerrari and a white Porsche 911 GT3 are seen blowing stop signs and speeding through a suburban area while bystanders watch on. At one point, the Ferrari driver even clips the car’s wide wing mirrors off a Nissan innocently waiting at a stop sign before he takes off and speeding down the street.

The LAPD are now said to be investigating the incident, however they told NBC4 they “could not take any law enforcement action such as a citation or arrest,” as they did not witness the crimes and cannot say for sure who was driving. The owner of the cars denied driving recklessly to NBC4 and said he had diplomatic immunity.

The LaFerrari owner was also hostile towards one NBC4 video journalist when approached, telling him he could have him killed and “get away with it,” due to his diplomatic immunity status. The journalist responded by telling him the press is allowed to be on the sidewalk near his home, and he responded by saying “(Expletive) America” and throwing a cigarette butt at him.

Police say the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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