Motrolix Takes A Spin In The Undeniably Awesome Ram 2500 Prospector

Dodge formerly offered a ‘Prospector’ special edition of the Ram in the 1980s, which added various optional extras to the full-size pickup depending on the model ordered. Today, aftermarket off-road parts manufacturer American Expedition Vehicles has nicked the Prospector name for themselves and is using it for a line of off-road focused versions of the latest Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup.

The Prospector package adds a 3-inch suspension lift in the front, a 2.5 inch lift in the rear, a different front bumper and ‘Prospector’ badging. From there, AEV will allow you to go pretty crazy, offering 37-inch tires or larger 40-inch tires that require a different front end lift kit. The 40-inch tire package also includes wider fender flares and a different front bumper, upping the masculinity of this testosterone-filled creation even further. recently had the opportunity to bomb around in two specially prepared Ram 2500s equipped with AEVs Prospector package. The results were good, with the publication saying the truck easily scaled steep grades and its “4.10:1 axle gears, low range, a front sway-bar disconnect and mud terrain tires were incredible.”

Head on over to for the full skinny on the Ram Prospector, or you could always visit AEVs site directly. Oh and one last thing, the kit is a bit on the expensive side, with the entry-level Prospector costing $14,000 not including the price of the truck itself. That means you’ll end up paying between $60,000 and $80,000 when everything’s said and done, but for some, it will be worth it to have one of the most capable Rams around.

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