Pope Francis Hitches Ride From Airport In Fiat 500L, Will Ride In Jeep During U.S. Visit

Pope Francis is currently on his first ever visit to the United States, with plans to travel to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. You’d expect the pontiff to be riding in a an armored limousine or a big SUV during his stay abroad, however Pope Francis is decidedly more humble than some of his successors, and instead decided to hitch a ride in a grey Fiat 500L.

It appears as though Fiat-Chrysler has a monopoly on the popemobile market. Not only was his holiness spotted riding in the Fiat as he travelled from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to Washington Tuesday, he also plans to travel in a specially modified Jeep Wrangler during his various public appearances.

Unlike other popemobiles, Pope Francis’ rides of choice aren’t enclosed. He prefers open-air transport, so the Wrangler specially prepared for him will likely be very similar to the one he was seen riding in the back of in Ecuador earlier this year.

Way to support the American automotive industry, Pope.

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