Porsche Says It Would Be ‘Difficult’ To Justify Investment In New Manual For Future 911s

Porsche buyers clearly prefer the automaker’s lightning-quick PDK dual-clutch transmission to their 7-speed manual. A row-your-own transmission isn’t even offered in hardcore offerings like the GT3 and GT3RS, mainly because the demand isn’t there, and according to Edmunds, the company isn’t offered in developing a new manual transmission for future 911s for the same reason.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche engineer Thomas Brandl said it would be “very difficult to justify the investment needed,” in order to develop an all-new manual transmission for a new range of engines in future 911s when the current take rate on the seven-speed is little more than 10 percent. The good news is the next-generation 911 is expected to retain the same flat-six engine as the 991 car, so the seven-speed may carry over.

If Porsche does adapt its current rev-matching seven-speed manual for use in the next-generation 911, it would likely stick around until the end of the next model’s lifecycle, which should last until at least 2025. So while the manual-transmission 911 may be on its way out, there’s plenty of time to scoop one up for yourself before its history, Porsche pursits.

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